Hands-on Workshops

Sexual roles and expectations are constantly being challenged and changed – and never more than in the kitchen. The sisters have been doing it for themselves for a while now, so the time has come for the brothers to go beyond…


Kitchen Cowboys will enable you to tap into the culinary subconscious, we’ve been doing the eating for long enough and now it’s time to master the preparation, to boldly go where most men fear to tread – yes it’s time to take over the kitchen!

We have long since been denied the right to hunt; we replaced our yearning for the kill with sport and the support thereof, now the new urban warriors are looking for fresher and more creative pastures to conquer. Kitchen Cowboys will equip you with the skills and know how to make this challenging arena your new hunting ground.

The time has come to rekindle that pioneering spirit, to release the outlaw, to drag the underground above ground. Kitchen Cowboys will equip you for intimate dinners, brunches with family and friends, braaiing that will make men quiver and women swoon, baking prowess that will leave swollen bellies in its wake, Asian secrets that will stun and mystify, desserts that will melt the sternest resolve and an appreciation for all things vinous that would make Bacchus a proud and mighty god.

Kitchen Cowboys is a cooking course for enthusiasts, for those who are ready to take it a step further. Each course will be made up of four workshops, held on Tuesday  & Wednesday evenings over two weeks from 18h00 till 21H00 at: 20-22 Brickfield Road, Salt River, 7925.

Dates for 2015

3rd & 4th, 10th & 11th February

14th & 15th, 21st & 22nd April

Each workshop is themed and will consist of some hands-on, brow beating, sweat shifting and appetite whetting hard graft all of which will be devoured along with a large glass of wine and a firm tongue in cheek.

Cost: R4 000.00

All of the workshops are based on seasonal recipes and each session will include what to buy and where to buy it – how to stock the pantry wat skrik vir niks, wine pairings, top tips, rescue techniques and honing those culinary skills.